How to Use this Website

The New Hampshire Medicaid Quality Website offers a wide variety of measures, reports and related resources. These resources can be accessed either through entering key words in the search box at the top of each page or through the various main menus. Below is a brief description of the menus.

Quality Measures A-Z
Quality Measures (A-Z) menu, is designed to allow users to browse all measures alphabetically by title. By selecting a letter at the top of the page users can jump to the list of all measures whose title begins with that letter.

Quality Measures by Topic
The Quality Measures by Topic menu, is designed for users to browse all measures by topic areas that have been assigned to the measures. Topics may be composed of a single measure but typically will display several related measures. By selecting a topic, at the top of the page users can jump to the list of all measures associated with that area of interest.

The Reports menu contains links to the reporting options that are more general or broader than the specific measure reports.

Supplementary Reports page contains a library of standard reports and supplementary materials published by the New Hampshire Medicaid Quality Program and partners. These reports include the Medicaid Care Management Key Indicator Report, Medicaid Care Management Member Focus Group Reports, and the annual External Quality Review Technical Report, among others.

Design Your Own Reports places users in the driver's seat. Users can design their own reports by selecting one or more measures, timeframes, and comparator, creating customized reporting on areas of interest.

About Us
The About Us section of the website highlights the mission and organization of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Medicaid Quality Program.

The Help section offers a variety of information to enhance user's experience accessing the Medicaid Quality Website. This includes how to contact the Medicaid Quality Team, frequently asked questions, related resources, and a glossary of terms used throughout the website.