Public reporting and transparency are cornerstones for the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Medicaid Quality Program. New Hampshire produces measures for reporting by adding context, appropriate comparators, and other information for each measures. The goal is to produce understandable and actionable information for a wide variety of Medicaid stakeholders. As stakeholders' needs vary, New Hampshire offers several ways to aggregate measures into reports and access other information on the Medicaid program.

Standard Reports
Standard Reports include a library of standard reports produced by the New Hampshire Medicaid Quality Program and partners. These reports include the Medicaid Care Management key Indicators Report, Medicaid Care Management Member Focus Groups Reports, and the annual External Quality Review Technical Report, among others.

Design Your Own Reports
Design Your Own Reports places users in the driver's seat. Users can design their own reports by selecting measures, timeframes, and comparator, creating customized reporting on areas of interest.