Contraceptive Care – All Women (CCW, CMS Adult and Child Core Set) - Most Effective or Moderately Effective Contraception

Percent of women ages 15 to 44 at risk of unintended pregnancy who were provided a most effective or moderately effective method of contraception.

This rate is an intermediate outcome measure, and it is desirable to have a high percentage of women who are provided the most effective or moderately effective contraceptive methods. A state should exercise caution in using this measure for payment purposes because performance on this measure is a function of a woman’s preferences. The goal is to provide an indicator for states to assess the provision of most or moderately effective contraceptive methods within the state and see where there is room for improvement. The second rate is an access measure, and the focus is on making sure that women have access to LARC methods.

Measure Identifier: CMS_CCW.01

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