Adult CAHPS®: Percent of Adults Reporting a Condition or Problem Lasting at Least 3 months for which They Need or Take Medicine Prescribed by a Doctor.

Percent of adult members who reported having a condition or problem that has lasted for at least 3 months (excluding pregnancy and menopause) for which they reported needing or taking medicine prescribed by a doctor (excluding birth control).


CAHPS® Adult Medicaid Health Plan Survey Questions:

Screening Question (Q45): Do you now need or take medicine prescribed by a doctor? Do not include birth control.

Q46 (Answered if Response to Q45 is Yes): Is this medicine to treat a condition that has lasted for at least 3 months? Do not include pregnancy or menopause.

Please note: On the HEDIS Reporting Year 2018 questionnaire, the question numbers for this measure changed from Q50 and Q51 to Q45 and Q46. The Measure ID for this measure will remain the same (CAHPS_CPA.Q51).

Measure Identifier: CAHPS_CPA.Q51

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