Adult CAHPS®: Number of Visits to Personal Doctor

Percent breakout of adult members with a personal doctor reporting the number of times they visited their personal doctor for care in the last six months. Breakouts for number of times visited are as follows: None, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to 9, and 10 or more times.


CAHPS® Adult Medicaid Health Plan Survey Questions:

Screening Question (Q10): A personal doctor is the one you would see if you need a check-up, want advice about a health problem, or get sick or hurt. Do you have a personal doctor?

Q11 (Answered if Response to Q10 is Yes): In the last 6 months, how many times did you visit your personal doctor to get care for yourself?

Measure Identifier: CAHPS_CPA.Q16

Please see Report Details below for more information on selected subgroups, organizations, and aggregation.